Tiger and the Horse


B/c I’m cheap AF and don’t subscribe to the LA Times (sorry), is there a website w/ more info about the series? I did an internet search but couldn’t find anything, other than the LA Times article.

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here’s their website

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Color me interested.

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I def love the idea, but I’m not just not an offal kind of guy. Will be eager reading reports, though. And I think this whole concept goes along so well w/ this: When did ethnic foods become "so expensive"?

Where is it located?

I think the pop up is at Cognoscenti Coffee in DTLA, but don’t quote me.

1118 san julian, los angeles, ca

That’s so funny. We have a paper subscription at work for our customers to read. I’m on a “chat” with LAT right now trying to figure out how to get the included digital! So many good reads linked on FTC right now and it’s making me crazy, but I don’t want to pay more!