Tintorera: Any intel? Is this place decent?

I just moved into these parts and am always on the lookout for Mexican seafood. Pedigree-wise, chef Maycoll Calderon looks impressive and the spot looks beautiful. Why so little chatter? Anybody been here?


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No intel on the restaurant, but welcome back!

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Lack of interest on this board, well, upscale Mexican in Silver Lake is sort of dubious to start with and the only professional review so far (if you could call it that) was harshly negative.

But the review inspired a rebuttal:

I wouldn’t call it a rebuttal since he did not provide a positive review of the food to counter her comments that some dishes were bland, undercooked, showed bad knife work, or had too much citrus, vinegar, or salt. He’s just spewing personal prejudices.

Lol that was the worst review I’ve ever seen. You could tell me that woman had never had Mexican in her life and I’d have believed you.


Thank you, it’s been 5 years since I’ve been in LA proper—forgot how much I love it :slight_smile:

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I’m very interested - I love mariscos and I think very highly of Maycoll Calderon and Huset and I’ve heard decent to good things about it AND i live right in the neighborhood… but there’s basically nothing vegetarian on that menu and that makes it an exceedingly difficult sell with my regular dining group. But I’m going to go sometime soon, I mean it! And if you go, please report back.

Well, now it’s permanently closed (according to Eater).

oh wow. Mexico City chefs not having much luck in LA.