Tips for Miami


Hello, @DTLAeater

I am a long time lurker.

I am spending a month in Miami due to work coming from Los Angeles.

Could you share the names of these great restaurants you went to? I’d like to eat well while I am here.

Thank you!

What is the deal with the lack of great service in LA?

Bazaar Mar and Alter were two of the better ones. Zuma was good, but definitely a bit more commercial feeling (like Catch for example). Though we didn’t get a chance to try it while staying at my hotel, but consider Pao.

I’m definitely not an expert in Miami, so wouldn’t be surprised if there are far smarter choices in 2018.


Regarding your question about what things incant get in LA, I’d go to Little Havana and get some good cubanos.


Probably 25 years ago we went to Versailles in Little Havana. It was the place where the hoi-polloi of Cuban American ‘society’ would meet for Sunday lunch. I have no idea if it was ‘authentic’ but I remember liking it a lot.


I really like KYU. There is a upscale donuts place call The Salty Donut, better than the post expansion Sidecar Donuts in Santa Monica. The whole Wynwood area is worth spending a few hours meandering around with its food truck and crazy graffiti wall art scene.