Tired Of Terrible French Fries


I hear ya’ ipse. I used to love, love McD’s fries. I still eat them. I just don’t love them.


Okay. I had to look up “alliterative”. It said something about “relating to alliteration”, which I looked up… which was even more confusing. Blue people are really smart.

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Alliteration is not hard.
For example, regarding Mr. Dixit, you may call him the Best Blue Bard on the Board.
And you know what? You would alliterating, accurately.


Wait, what? Where’s this?


Wait, strike that. It’s Baco Mercat that is opening in Culver City.


Belcampo opened in Santa Monica.

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Ahhh… I get it. Thanks.

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‘These fuckers from belcamp are still cooked in cow tallow’. .

I closed my eyes and thought of our beloved Kevin when reading this PorkyBelly!


They definitely fall into the “heaps of goo piled atop them” category, but the fries in the Tikka Poutine at Badmaash in DTLA are great. They hold the seasoning well and are sturdy enough to withstand the flood of gravy and cheese curd boulders while still being light and crunchy.


Happy national French fry day!


The fries at Gjelina are fantastic. At $10 they are terribly expensive for the portion size but amazing. Crispy on the outside and hot and creamy on the inside. Not terribly fond of the two dipping sauces but they are a must order at Gjelina.


$10 french fries. o_O.


I haven’t been there yet - largely because I’m not a fan of grass-fed beef - much prefer the taste of grain-fed.

But by this logic both their steaks and fries should be stellar. And I can’t imagine a stellar grass-fed steak.

But, you’re usually pretty good with these things. So I’m gonna give it try.


Yup. $10 is probably the most expensive fries I’ve ever seen on a menu which is why our table ordered 2 plates of them. Even with the expensive fries we usually get out of there under $100 per person with a few bottles of wine.


I wanted to chime in Top Round as well. You’re right, those look like they’ve had better days! Otherwise, I love them.


I know, right? Top Round might be better at lunch and at night when El Chato’s truck is not there.


The best fries I’ve ever had are the duck fat fries at The Back Abbey in Claremont, the Belgian fries at Oinkster, and the fries that come with the Moules Frites at Bouchon. Those fries at The Back Abbey are the duckiest fries around.

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I need to make an effort to try Top Round when I find myself in the city next.


Can I give a shout out to Islands Fries? They’re not Belgian or fried in beef fat. But they sure are good with a side of buttermilk ranch.


When they are on their fry game they are good for sure. Sometimes get too many small pieces but they usually have nice crunch and are the baseline by which I measure fries made ‘in house’ (meaning if you can’t be as good as this, just buy frozen and don’t bother).

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Here is LA Magazine chiming in on our discussion.

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