Tired Of Terrible French Fries


Not everyone’s idea of a great french fry, but I really enjoyed the steak fries that came with my cheeseburger at Hinterland on Main Street in Santa Monica. Sorry, no photo. but they’re the big, thick kind - on the way to a potato wedge - where a serving is maybe eight fries total, neatly stacked like firewood. Piping hot, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Very good burger too.


Cache had fries like that when they were around pomme neuf syle. Really good.


They seem great.


At Father’s Office Culver City, our favorite item we ordered out of the several dishes we shared were the Sweet Potato Fries!

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Has this been posted yet? I’m not that alert right now.

Anyway, LA Magazine’s "13 Fries to eat Before You Die:



Stupidest decision McDonalds ever made was to give their fries in to the vegetarian lawsuits. BTW, they stopped using beef tallow way before 2000, at least in the early 1990s.


Five guys has great fries because they use peanut oil. And contrary to how people like their fries, I do like that it’s a mix of crispy and sometimes limp fries.


I agree. They can’t get it right. Just when chefs are starting to use tallow for frying, McDonalds bends to the will of groups (vegans) who probably don’t eat their food anyway. Then board members (not cooks) try to decide what you want to eat. “Hey. Let’s add sriracha.”

McD is not all bad though. They do listen to animal welfare groups about farming practices. But FCOL, bring back the beef fat fries.

Okay… Back to french fry discoveries.


Peanut oil… The best vehicle for frying :kissing_heart:.


I think Hindu people might have a problem with the beef tallow at McDonald’s also. And people watching their cholesterol.


Yeah… didn’t mean to write “vegans” :scream: like a dirty word. My sister’s religion is Hindu based. I was happy when my youngest became a vegetarian. But it doesn’t change that McD’s original fries were better. Were they concealing the ingredients? That would be bad.

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If a person is Hindu and/or on a 100mg/day Zocor regime, and find themselves at a McDonald’s, I think that’s more of a them issue than a McDonald’s one.


I was thinking that too ipse.


Cassia offers very good fries with their fusion French dip (served on their naan with a pho broth for dipping and horseradish cream). The fries are also available in the evenings with the steak,


Well, yah. But even Hindus and health people can’t help but love McDonalds
fries. They’re kind of the epitome of French frieness. Vegans heart them


I had these the other night after a long day. First few bites I was like, eh, I don’t know if I like this. But then I got deeper and deeper and fuck this thing got great. You get these surprising chunks of perfectly cooked carnitas, crispy fries, highly acidic sauce…this thing is honestly stoner food heaven. One of Roy Choi’s best recent, ridiculous creations.


Hahahahahaha! So true… stoner food heaven. Did you polish off a whole order by yourself?


Fries from Boo’s Philly Cheesesteaks in Silver Lake/East Hollywood. Skin on, slightly thicker than McD’s, crunchy but not quite as fluffy as I like on the inside.

Everson Royce’s are some of the best I’ve had in a while. Thinner than Boo’s. Perfectly cooked and a great combo of crunch and tender interior plus a deep potato flavor. The aioli was suitably garlicky. Didn’t touch the ketchup.


i went to Oinkster for 1st time a couple weeks ago…fries= not bad…at Belcampo a couple days ago…fries=not bad…the foto below of Republique looks pretty good…Langers=ugh!

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If I remember correctly, the lawsuit was that they didn’t tell people the fries were fried in beef tallow, so people assumed it was a plant based oil. That’s where the Hindu part came in – some Hindus were upset that they consumed beef tallow unknowingly.