Tired Of Terrible French Fries


Then that is bad.


Did McDonald’s tell people (Hindu or otherwise) that the fries were not fried with beef tallow?

(Hint: begins with “n” and ends in “o”)


IIRC McD’s stopped frying in beef tallow in the early 70’s. The issue was that they put in additives that were meat derived to the oil in order to give it that more traditional McD french fry flavor but were disclosing only that their oil was vegetable based blend.


Was at Everson Royce last night.
Good fries, decent enough burger, excellent biscuits and stellar chicken thighs.
Drinks were terrific too.
Excellent service for such a giant place.


Gunpowder Fries w/Tangy Garlic Sauce at Moruno The Farmers Market on Fairfax

Now these are some great fries!


What’s the significance of “gunpowder” in the name?


These should absolutely be here. Maybe my new favorite french fries in the city honestly.

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I received a vague answer to this question. It’s something about their spice mix, which is very good. But really, the kick with these fries is how perfectly they’re cooked.


Oh yeah, and that garlic sauce :stuck_out_tongue:.


Gunpowder (milagaipodi) is a South Indian spice mix.


Look at you! Thanks.

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Garlic and Crab Fries at The Gilroy Garlic Festival this weekend…

…and yes they were truly wonderful…


OMG, crab and garlic, my wife’s two faves!


Hal’s had the best fries of all - but they’re gone.

HOWEVER, there’s a new Hal’s - unofficially named the “mini-Hals” which shares a space with Casa Linda on Abbott Kinney (near where Joe’s used to be) and they’re open for dinner and brunch on the weekends.

Brunch menu is even better than before. And the fries? Same! Meaning terrific. I put them above Oinkster’s, Belcampo, and Asiette Steak Frites (which are all very good).

Da best.


I just saw MSN’s Daily Eat’s - America’s 50 Best French Fries 2017 list. California did well. Do you concur or dispute these selections?

Father’s Office (L.A.)

Zuni Cafe (S.F.)

Petit Trois (L.A.)

Absinthe Brasserie & Bar (S.F.)

Apple Pan (L.A.)

Pie 'N Burger (Pasadena)

Hungry Cat (L.A.) - Don’t like restaurant, but love their fries.


The do have great fries.



Petit Trois fries are an absolute atomic salt bomb. Or maybe I don’t get French food.

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You probably do get French food.
It’s just that Petit Trois is not French food.

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Apple Pan and Pie n Burger serve generic frozen fries.


Yup, although Apple Pan always uses clean oil which makes a big difference.