Tired Of Terrible French Fries


For starters:


And you probably meant fresh oil, because clean oil doesn’t necessarily mean good taste.


6 of one or 1/2 a dozen of the other. I say clean because I don’t work there so I don’t know if they change the oil everyday but I do know their fries are crisp, not greasy and with out off smells/flavors. YMMV


Yumm Oinkster :fries: fries


Not traditional, but the aonori garlic french fries at Izakaya Fu-ga is pretty darn tasty. Goes down well with a sake mojito.

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I had a feeling someone would give Oinkster a mention.

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Nothing about the Tasting Kitchen? Only decent fries in LA.


i don’t know if their fries are authentic belgian, but i do recall them being very crisp, but still full of potato flavor. but i’m more a steak frites person.


Hi -

I feel the same about Oinksters; they are legit and solid. But my faves are the thin fries, unless they’re topped with a heaping dollop of chili & cheese. But really, I love all fries if they’re done right.





i think my favorite fries are from Cacao Mexicatessen. Mole fries with cheese (you can even add guacamole). They make the fries fresh there from what I recall and they are just so fantastic. I suppose with these and Oinkster, eagle rock is not lacking in the french fry dept. :slight_smile:


Seems delicious


Father’s Office - yes, very good. Should be on this list. Not as good as Hal’s but easily on the Top Ten in L.A.

But Apple Pan? Fucking Apple Fan fries? I might have to go back to make sure they suck as much as I remember them to suck. I’ve had worse, but McDonald’s is more satisfying. I don’t remember Zuni’s fries. Hungry Cat - very good - possibly in the Top Ten. (they look better than they taste). Never had them at Petit Trois, but since this list mentions Apple Pan - I’m not going to both to venture out.

Beer Belly could be in the latter placement. Duck fat fries. Very good.




I love Wurstkuche frites (do those count as fries?), a little thicker cut but you get a really good potato taste with a delicious outside crunch. Those are the best along with all their dipping sauces and their mustards. I definitely could eat approximately 3 orders of those things.


Was just there last night - Venice location. The sausages are pretty good, but I stay for the frites and beer. Knee jerk move is to order an IPA, but the Belgian and German beers on tap are always great (Respect the German brews for their drinkability) and they always have Old Rasputin on tap as well.


Commerson has great fries

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Have you tried Commerson’s Parisian Diversion? Escargot, w/Garlic Butter and French Fries on a Baguette. It looks scarily decadent and really good. Definitely my next time.


Uh, no thanks




I can’t believe you guys like the fries at the apple pan. lol

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