Tired Of Terrible French Fries


Just saw this and went “WOW”!!!

From their website:

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Uh oh. Just checked their current menus and there’s no sign of this :frowning:

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Yeah, they took it off the menu “Because we have a new chef and he doesn’t want to serve a signature dish from the prior chef. But he will be offering his own escargot dish soon.” Or some such nonsense. We once sat next to a French couple devouring it, their fingers deliciously slicked with parsley, butter & garlic. They said they went to Commerson frequently just to get that fix. I never got a chance to try it. Oh well…


Canter’s steak fries. Yum!


that’s a shame that’s gone. one of their best dishes. ridiculously decadent with the amount of butter and mayo.


So maybe I dodged a cholesterol bullet.


Not sure if this counts but wurstkuche’s frites with spicy mustard mixed with their curry ketchup and a Belgian style beer is something I always enjoy immensely


I love the “legendary” garlic fries at Gordon Biersch in Burbank. Skin on, olive oil, parsley and plenty of garlic, and seconds (or thirds) are on the house. I choose that side nearly every time.


I had some Oinkster fries yesterday and they were just as light and crispy as I remember them. I prefer ketchup w/ my fries, but their aioli is pretty good too.

(this was a treat for me as I usually make my Oinkster burger run solo while doing errands and really don’t want to add/eat a full order of fries/onion rings on top of the burger and beer. Sharing an order of fries is the perfect amount. BTW–no more onion rings @ the Vine St. location :disappointed_relieved:)


I really like the fries at Belcampo


Actually, begins with y middles with e and ends with s.


Well. You need to look at this really carefully to see what was going on.

First, there was the issue of frying in beef tallow. My understanding is that McDonalds moved away from that because the public at large perceived that as a health issue. This wasn’t about appeasing a tiny portion of customers who went to McDonalds for vegetarian fare. That’s, like, my opinion, man. So take it with a grain of hydrolyzed beef protein.

Second, once they made the switch to “healthful” vegetable oil, McDonalds was opaque about the source of its seasoning. Perhaps that was a nefarious plot to keep all that vegetarian lucre flowing. Or perhaps it was proprietary information McDonalds preferred to keep under wraps. Either way, they didn’t disclose the use of beef flavoring in the new fries.

The lawsuit claimed that McDonalds stating that the fries were now prepped with vegetable oil coupled with the lack of transparency regarding its “natural flavoring” was enough to mislead a reasonable consumer into thinking the fries were vegetarian. The suit was settled for a relative pittance. The formula was changed.

So, no, McDonalds never made the explicit claim that it’s fries were free of any beef products or that they were vegetarian. Whether you think McDonalds was being purposefully vague in order to keep trade secrets or to dupe customers is up to you to decide, if course.

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I really like the fries at Belcampo

Which location? The last two times I’ve eaten dinner at the SM location have had significant FOH issues + food that looked plopped on a plate, no particular thought to how it looked before leaving the kitchen.

I’ll try again for a happy hour/late night at the bar. Good space and I want it to be better than my recent experiences.




I am continually shocked by the animosity shown toward vegetarians and vegans on this board. Would you be so snarky if McDonald’s had been using lard as its French fry oil, switched to vegetable oil, then neglected to tell customers who asked that they were throwing a handful of pork rinds into each batch and Jewish or Muslim customers were upset?

I was around during the period after they switched to vegetable oil, but were using seasoning that contained beef. McDonald’s was never explicit that their fries weren’t vegetarian. Of course their goal wasn’t to get vegetarians to eat beef, but they had a responsibility to be transparent. In this country, food producers are by law required to list the ingredients. The reason is so that people can choose to avoid ingredients regardless of their reason.


Absolutely. And it’s not snark to point out that a multinational billion dollar corporation is fully aware of what is being served, and to whom.

I’m pretty sure there was no “natural” beef flavoring in the fries served in India, and I’m pretty sure the McRib is not an annual special in Israel or the U.A.E.


I surely apologize that my tone upset you or that I made it seem as though it was pointed towards you. I’d argue my tone was irreverent.

I’m not claiming that McDonalds didn’t have a responsibility to be more transparent. Or that there wasn’t a legal case to be made.

What I’m doing is pointing out the error in your statement. At no point did McDonalds make an outright claim that their fries were vegetarian. You claimed they did. You posted something I presume you thought would support your assertion. Your claim was erroneous and your supporting evidence didn’t state what you thought it did.

I have nothing against you, vegetarians, lawyers for vegetarians, beef tallow, beef flavoring, or McDonalds.


This is true. There was no beef or beef derived products used by McDonads in India. Even when US McDonalds were using beef tallow.


No I did not claim that McDonald’s made an outright claim that their fries were vegetarian. I said that they didn’t explicitly state that they weren’t.


You’re right. Though the way you responded to @ipsedixit was somewhat confusing.

I took his point as saying that McDonalds never showed a history of attempting to deceive the public into thinking its product was vegetarian. Not when they used beef tallow and not when they used beef flavoring.