Tired Of Terrible French Fries


Quite frankly, I think it’s ridiculous to make faulty assumptions. If you have special dietary restrictions, the onus is on you to ask and do your due diligence.

I try to be low-carb, and yet you can’t assume that scrambled eggs are carb-free at IHOP, Denny’s or anywhere really because so many restaurants add pancake batter to their eggs to make them fluffier. You have to do your due diligence.


If anybody is ever in SF get the French fries at Delfina. Not on the menu but just excellent. Just what you want in a French fry.


The Marin location offers beef tallow fries and I guess you’d call the others regular. Do the LA locations have the same two options? The beef tallow fries are very good.


yes, both.


You guys realize you’re discussing something that’s nearly two decades old.

Feel free to discuss hanging chads next, and maybe Y2K if you’ve got time.


Fuck off. This doesn’t involve you . . . oh. Okay. Maybe it does. Carry on.

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Delfina’s fries are very good, but the fries at Nopa might be the bet I’ve had anywhere. They are certainly the best I’ve had in SF.

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Belcampo SM was killing it upon opening. The bar program was outrageous and the kitchen was on point.
Since then . . . still good, but dishes have been more likely to be off. Some of the bartenders are a little sloppier, too.
Fries, though, are still really good.


Religion, ethics, allergies - all are valid reaons to know what in our food. Ethical businesses that put people before profits should have NO problem with full disclosure.

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The problem is that there is never enough disclosure. Some people care about gluten, GMOs, organic, sustainable, free-range, country of origin, fair-trade, political affiliation, etc. A business simply can’t spend all its time and money on everything people may want know.

A business’ reason for being is profits. Otherwise it is not a business. Of course there is a middle ground, but to ignore financial reality is impossible.





Yap! I was a bit surprised myself… it’s a small amount and they do mention it on the menu (At least IHOP does)


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Nope, nothing rockin’ about these tired slices of cardboard. I thought it must be the locale near me who made bad fries, but these are from another location. I used to love McD’s fries, but it’s official, they suck now. Look at these things. They’re barely cooked and tasted like nothing.


Hi, I’d like to order a vanilla milkshake. Is there any lobster in that? No, great. What about chocolate? Do you add chocolate or shrimp or eggplant to the vanilla milkshakes? Is there any alcohol in them? Do you use pancake batter to make the milkshake? :roll_eyes:


Vanilla extract? Eggplant starch as an emulsifier? I know how ridiculous this is, but look at the world we live in…



I wonder if the pork chop was bone in . Yes they do


Yes it was. Animal fries still great

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If you think of In-N-Out “fries” as some sort of amusing sliced potato product and eat them IMMEDIATELY (as in, finishing them off b/f you’ve left the parking lot), then they’re kind of entertaining.

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You gotta ask for them well done and even then they only get it right 60% of the time. But that 60% is awesome.