TLT (the lime truck)--what to order?

One of these seemingly upscale fast food joints has opened nearby. What’s good? Intrigued by the crab grilled cheese.

Brussels sprouts

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Had the Brussels Sprouts–quite tasty. Also got a good ahi taco for $3 today ($2 off for Taco Tuesday).

Partner and I have also enjoyed the short-rib tacos and quesadilla. I like the beet salad but wish the beets were all roasted and sliced (rather than cubed). Chimmi noodles aren’t bad but a tad too sour for me. Had the agua fresca (or equivalent) only once and thought it was not good.

hear that taco is quite good

Didn’t see any aqua fresca. They seemed to be pushing limeaid.

Those potatoes are pretty tasty if eaten on the spot. If you wait five minutes the cheese congeals and they aren;t great. The ahi tostada is good value for what it is.

Changes are afoot. Went to the Pasadena location today only to find that it has become The Stand (a dog and burger joint primarily). Seemingly, TLT and The Stand are owned by some common entity. Any word on what’s good at The Stand? Missing the ahi tacos. :frowning:

I’ve only tried the Chicago Dog at the Stand but remember thinking it was a pretty good approximation.

I saw J. Gold, his wife and another woman at The Stand today (sorry, don’t know what he ordered). This is an imposing figure, Falstaffian, I’d say. I had a Westside Veggie Burger. Not bad, maybe a 6.5.

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There used to be a Stand in the Century City mall, it was a sit-down place. They had pretty good burgers, I don’t remember the different kinds. I liked the turkey burger. The hot dogs were juicy and had a snap. They served beer and wine, too.