Tofurky Vegan Sausages

@TheCookie - you’d responded to my comment in the Thanksgiving leftovers thread about not having cooked with the Tofurky sausages (in that thread I’d used their kielbasa).

One of the things I cook a lot (at least once a month) is the Tofurky Italian Sausages. I make a big batch and then use in different dishes.

Brown the sausages in a decent a amount of oil then set aside.

Total of 12 sausages (three packs).

Then cook a bunch of sliced red onion (I do one large onion per pack of sausages) in the oil used for the sausages.

Cook them until very reduced (usually 45 minutes to an hour).

The first night I remove about 2/3rds of the onions from the pan, add back four sausages, and dump in some marinara / jarred sauce. Let simmer to warm through then onto rolls with some mozzarella for sandwiches. (I usually cut the sausage lengthwise to butterfly it in the sandwich and make it easier to consume.)

The rest of the sausages and onions? More sandwiches, chopped and used in pasta bakes or over pasta - whatever occurs to me. If I remember, I’ll sometimes saute some green bell peppers for the sandwiches, too. If you eliminate the mozzarella you have a vegan sandwich.

These are high protein (30 grams a sausage) but also high sodium. Wouldn’t fool anyone who prefers meat but they’re decent, especially with the onions and sauce.

I buy at Vons when they’re on sale and stock the freezer.


This is great @ElsieDee! I’m putting them on my grocery list. My son will love these. They have the texture, versatility and protein! I figured about the sodium. I always warn, with all processed food - even vegan -comes sodium. But all in moderation. Thanks for the recipes!

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Necessity is the mother of invention, or so they say.

The necessities:
We needed to eat.
We had a bunch of “stuff” that needed to be cooked.
We were in the middle of the Sunday rains and were not willing to venture to the store.

So I went with a vegan version of a bastardized idea of Bubble and Squeak:

Tofurky vegan kielbasa, quartered lengthwise and then chopped, sauteed in olive oil, then set aside to drain.

In the same oil I sauteed chopped onions and most of a large head of cabbage, then dumped those in with the kielbasa.

Mixed all that with leftover mashed potatoes (made with almond milk and vegan margarine) and pan fried, repeatedly flipping and breaking apart, into a hash.

Served with roasted sprouts with garlic.

It was pure comfort food! And yes, that’s steam rising from the plate and no, the sprouts weren’t that overcooked!


That looks like crispy goodness.

Thanks for turning me onto the tofurkey sausage! I made some beans, with bulgar (trying to sneak in the fiber) and chopped up the sausage like ground beef, browned it and added to beans. I might have a picture to post later.

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I’ve also used soyrizo to good effect before as well, if you’re looking for other solid meat subz.


Oh cool. We do like our Mexican food.

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That sounds good! What type of sausage did you use?

Yes, I love the soyrizo!

The other night I made a big pan of burrito and taco salad filling (also works for tacos) using a couple bags of the Morningstar Farms Chipotle Black Bean Crumbles (not vegan, though) with some drained/rinsed kidney and black beans and some jarred chipotle salsa.

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The Kielbasa. I also bought the spicier ones, but haven’t used it yet.

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Looks like chili to me :yum:!

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I’ve yet to try the chicken/apple one - can’t decide what I’d do with it, - or the spinach pesto (though I’m wondering how that would be in something pasta-related). I have bought the andouille and used it in a gumbo-ish dish. I wasn’t happy with the results, but that is more likely because I don’t actually like gumbo than an issue with the sausage. I keep looking at Vons for the beer brats; they’re available at Whole Foods, I’m thinking, but I never go there.

I was actually wondering about using this as a base for a riff on a chili pie/bake thing, with a cornbread crust.

I grabbed a couple bags of the Beyond Meat Feisty Crumbles the other day; vegan and very low carb (and absurdly high protein!) - will use those the next time I make a “spicy ground beef” dish.

I do like the company’s Beast Burger, so I’m guessing the crumbles will be decent, especially when a bunch of stuff is added to it.

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Thanks for that link! You’re helping me :relaxed:. Yah, chicken/apple sausage would be good with pasta, like a farfalle. You could add red & green bell peppers. I also love chili cornbread pie.

Here is my beans, bulger, kale & tofurkey kielbasa. The bulger keeps it from being pretty, but it tasted good.