Tommy’s $0.73 burger, today only

Tommy’s is celebrating its 73 years by offering 73 cent burger today, May 15 starting at 11:00 am.
I got 5 burgers for $4.00. What a deal!

But how long was your wait? 3 years ago, the wait was 45 minutes for me in the late afternoon of a weekday.

Great question! I actually took note of the time.
I was at the drive thru for 50 minutes starting at 12:20 pm

I waited 30 mins for a full priced Bills Burger today so I suppose 50 minutes for a 73 cent burger aint bad.

Love Bill’s Burger!

Reddit is currently reporting a 90 minute wait at some locations.

Yea no way, I dont like Tommys that much, I only eat it at most once a year and I always regret it haha

i have a friend from out of town who wanted to go.

i could eat only four. i’m slipping.