Tong Tak Arcadia

Hi all, anyone been to Tong Tak in Arcadia yet? Not sure if they’re open, but the Yelp page is showing some pictures but no other information or reviews. I think someone had mentioned they are under the same owner as World Seafood in Alhambra, which I find generally pretty good.

The signage has been up for quite a while but I don’t think they’ve opened up. Generally there are Yelp reviews of restaurants from Day One, or in the case of Tim Ho Wan, weeks or months before actual opening even though it’s yet to open. So the lack of Yelp activity would be almost conclusive that it’s not open yet.

Reviews are up on Yelp, so I guess they’re officially open.

Stopped by today and it’s not nearly as bad as Yelpers paint it. Dim sum is decent. Nothing too imaginative though beyond the $19.99 lobster dumplings and the truffle shu mai.