TonyC's New Openings Article

Some overlap with Jim Thurman, some not.


That was funny.


TonyC is a funny guy, a lot of ppl get butt hurt about the thing he says though.

Yes, LA has a friggin Shaanxi food truck, replete with liangpi, meat burger, and other snacks. 226 N Atlantic Blvd

This is amazing.


I’m terribly behind, but is anyone else getting the link above 404’d?

The site went down for a while, then came back, but not exactly as before. If you go to the main page you’ll see the article there without a link.


Alhambra: Earth Kitchen, now open, and is pretty awesome. But people hate it, especially the ABCs who don’t know WTF is going on


Anyways, I pass this spot at least once a week and have been curious to try it out.

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I’d skip it. Imagine all the good things about a hot pot, remove it, and that’s Earth Kitchen. I think they just boil everything you pick in a strainer with water put in a bowl, and then pour broth over it. You end up with mediocre broth and tasteless meat and veggies and what’s worse, the broth didn’t get the benefit of getting all the cooking juices.

(not an ABC)