Top Chef Season 15 Denver

Anyone else watching the new season of Top Chef?

EDIT: Spoilers throughout the thread, so if aren’t caught up, proceed with caution.

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Thanks for bringing this up. My Tivo has been screwing up. Recorded only the first.

I have.

It’s interesting that they’ve been highlighting the LGBTQ aspect of the contestants.

Nothing new about that!

I didn’t notice that. I did notice the weirdness of naming food trucks “Foodgasm” and “Down the Chin” and using giant images of women’s shiny mouths to sell their product. Great message to all those college coeds. :fu:that.


I think they’ve been using that action-slow motion panning shot way too much this season. It used to be cool, but I’m over it now. Really loved how 3 chefs clearly didn’t understand that a French omelette should just be the eggs perfectly cooked and nothing else…should have all gone home for that.

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Don’t miss Last Chance Kitchen. I’m really looking forward to trying Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins’s food.

Episode 3, definitely eliminated the right two.

Especially whoever made that “Denver” French omelet. #Fail.


Watch the 2nd episode, the mis en place and cheese farm episode, and the whole “bear” thing.

Was it me? Or did anyone else feel disappointed in tonight’s episode?
I think I remember the heritage challenge being so personal and so successful that almost all the food that comes out fantastic in past seasons. There was a lot of run-of-the-mill and just poorly executed/conceived dishes this week. This is one of my favorite challenges because I feel we get to know the chefs and their cooking more. However, it was kind of lackluster to me.
The Last Chance Kitchen teaser looks promising, though.

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The people who could just cook a great family dish seemed to have an unfair advantage. I’m not sure how that beat Joe Sasto.

And the people who had no family culinary heritage were screwed, though as Tyler Anderson suggested in his exit interview, a chef’s culinary heritage doesn’t have to come from their family.

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I think that cooking the family dish really simplifies your cooking. Happy coincidence if it makes it easier for you. Tyler let the challenge get into his head…he would have done fine by recreating a dish he ate growing up. I was disappointed to see Tu’s Canh Chua not be a success because I know how good it can really be if done right.

My family culinary heritage is Jell-O® salad and some glop made with ground beef and Knorr® onion soup mix. The most memorable dish of my childhood was my aunt’s Chex™ mix.

My culinary heritage as a cook came mostly from Marcella Hazan.


I’m guessing any decent chef can make family meal, isn’t that what young chefs are assigned in kitchens?

Make something up. An Italian great-aunt that couldn’t speak English, and you didn’t speak Italian, but you two bonded over bowls of [Marchella’s] pasta e fagioli. Bonus points if la zia died unexpectedly and tragically at the age of 90 last year (get choked up). :wink:

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The challenge had nothing to do with family meal.

I meant to quote the above.

That shit is so weak.

Oh my gosh yes. Ridiculous.

I agree that Joe should have won. Seemed like he best answered the prompt. Some others felt more like recreations of family recipes vs. letting inspiration create a new dish, which I would value more highly in a competition like this.

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Be sure to catch up on Last Chance Kitchen before this week’s main show episode.

It’s weird to me that they don’t make LCK available except via their web site, YouTube, and Google Play. Surely they’d sell more ads.

If you watch on Amazon, the Last Chance episodes are available.