Top Round Adds Breakfast

Top Round Roast Beef is adding breakfast starting at 6am daily and boy does it sound good, Runny Steak and egg sandwiches!
1000 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019
Menu at this link


mmmmm…runny steak. pink slime for the win.

I’ve always been meaning to check them out. Good roast beef?

I really like it. Imagine if Arby’s was actually good and on steroids.


not mind blowing but very good. I like the ‘beef on weck’

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Agree, its a high end Arby’s.

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My wife is addicted. Not kidding when I say she goes there 3-4 times per week and gets an extra sandwich for next day lunch…

as @wienermobile says It’s like Arby’s on steroids, except no steroids and real beef. House made whiz, atomic horseradish, and crazy addictive horseradish-yellow mustard. I do like it. $5.95 for the basic sandwich. The curlies are fried in beef fat, oh yeah!

Can’t wait to try breakfast.