Torien and Sushi no Yoshino openings?

Has anyone heard more news about the projected openings for Sushi no Yoshino and Torien? I remember reading about them in the last year as projected for SS 2019 but haven’t seen any updates since.

Seems like Yoshino has moved to Fall 2019? I see they have a tock page up with openings starting late August… :eyes:

I had overheard chatter about Yoshino targeting November for an opening date… the tock reservations you noted appear to be for private catering services in the interim.

OTOH haven’t come across any updates on Torien.

Teruzushi is a fun new excursion if you looking for something different. From what I understand he has moved his entire team to NYC for the next month (or month and 1/2). The Fukuoka site mentions reopening on 9/21 after a brief hiatus.

Thanks! I’ll keep an eye out for any news.

Torien opening appears to be anytime now. Been spotting friends and family events the past few days on social media

Yoshino keeps getting pushed out, spring is what I last heard. Hopefully it opens sooner.

Torien has opened, just saw someone’s social media story from a dinner Saturday night 6 pm EST. Yoshiteru Ikegawa was there, and Akio Matsumoto appears to have moved from Tokyo/Japan to NY to be the sommelier there (he’s ex-L’Effervescence and probably has other fine dining Tokyo restaurant experience on his resume).

They have been pouring quite a few selections from Sake Suki (importer/distributor based out of NY) for the sake, and they were also pouring (by the glass) not sure if part of beverage pairing: Kokuryu Shizuku and Tatsuriki Akitsu Junmai Daiginjo. But this is New York and I suppose if you pour lower end sake (that actually pairs better) some people won’t ever get it…

Gonna try to hit them soon, @beefnoguy, noted about opting for more ‘rustic’ sake offerings

Reliable source indicated Yoshino is slated for March