Toronto - Alo Restaurant


Was there a few weeks ago when I was in town.

Service was absolutely impeccable; I didn’t enjoy the Biodynamic wines, however, which I generally despise. Food was great, and there was some outstanding courses. Looking forward to going back. Has anyone been as yet?

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Biodynamic or “Natural”, the former is usually more in the category of inoffensive, the latter on the other hand, never had one that truly blew me away and had some real clinkers especially when they push it with the oxidative ferment .Since Alo doesn’t post their list, hard to say.


Yeah - for me I haven’t had any bio/“natural” wines that I’ve enjoyed as yet, and I’ve tried a fair number - agreed bio wines, not typically as offensive as the natural wines, but not overly enjoyable either.


Hey Justpete,

What kind of food is at Alo? Might be visiting soon.

Any recommendations for dishes?



Dinner at Alo is a 5 course set menu at $89, so the dishes are chosen for you! :slight_smile: There is a bar snack menu if you want to order specific dishes.


When we were there, we had the 12-14 course “chef’s” menu. I don’t think their regular menu is only 5 courses though Prima, (even though it says so on their website), I think it’s more like 8-10.

Also, ChowSeeker - hard to describe, but modern french would be the type of food - with a bit of Japanese mixed in. It’s very good, and just opened a couple of months ago.

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