Tortilla press sold locally?

I was about to order a 6" cast iron tortilla press online but then I realized: there’s gotta be places locally that might sell these as well. Any suggestions on where to look? I haven’t seen them in the local (small) Mexican markets but would a restaurant supply store have 'em?

Surfas has them. Most Mexican Markets do… look at the party supply area. Mercado Olympic will have them (They will also have wood ones) and even Target carries Imusa.

But you will want to check them out personally. Even within a stack of ones they have at Vallarta (Where I got mine ages ago), they will be those with defects and wonky handles.

Thanks! Super useful to know. Surfas has a 8" model, which is bigger than I really want/need but I’ll see what the Vallarta in Pasadena has.

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Along with the suggestions given i have seen them at Macy’s in eagle rock. Kinda bummed i didn’t grab one they came in some great colors made in cast iron.

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Prefer the wood ones myself. I feel like I can get the tortilla thinner but maybe i just haven’t used a good iron press