Toto's Grill

This is like Filipino street food nirvana.

A transplant from LA, but none of the OG goodness has been lost expanding down south.

Blood cakes, Tocino, gizzards, intestines, quail eggs, and even balut. All on skewers. Everything just a $1, except for the balut, which is $2.

Lots of good dipping sauces too, like sawsawang suka, sukang maanghang, sari sari, etc.

Toto’s Grill
Corner of Sweetwater Road and Grover St.
National City

Wouldn’t Toto’s be a more appropriate name for a restaurant featuring middle America cuisine? Or maybe some form of African cuisine - for example Tanzanian?

Sounds good, thanks. Any other suggestions for Filipino food?

Filipino Food and Bakery, 28th and Main.

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