Trends That Need to End

For me:

Grain bowls, poke bowls, salad bowls. I am a grown adult. Please stop treating me like a child that can’t eat salad off a plate. I promise not to spill.

+1 to all. maybe avocado toast should be added to the list? lol

Serving salad in a bowl is a trend? I’ve been eating it that way my entire (pretty long) life. On a plate, too, but also in a bowl. Maybe your antipathy toward bowls comes from…


That is such a weird thing to have ready at a moment’s notice. :joy_cat:

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I may have been hacked. By this handsome asshole individual.



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Anything in a mason jar, deviled eggs, kale and Mary’s f-ing chicken.

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As long as the avocado is ripe, rich and buttery, the toast can stay on the menu.

Cocktails with too many ingredients that cost too much money.

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I think they have their place on a menu but not the whole menu. A few times a year, post dinner or an event, we’ll treat ourselves. To just one.

My mind is hazy (from all the cocktails) but I seem to remember a not-so-distant past when a perfectly decent drink could be had for ≈$10. Now we have this nonsense.

I am fully prepared to be flamed. People love Dead Rabbit.

Considering the differences in rent, these might be comparable:

PS: How do you do that little # thingy???

I copy/pasted it from here. I’m sure there’s a keyboard shortcut, but I’m too lazy to look it up. (Alt+8876 did not work.)

but on so so so many menus?

I think demand will dictate the supply. Avocados have a pretty small window of purpose once they become ripe. A business-wise restaurateur will nix avocado toast from their menu if it ain’t flying.

Well you don’t buy them all ripe at the same time. Jeesh.

So many menus. Like roasted Brussels sprouts.

Well of course. Jeesh x 2

Oh, lordy, right. Ditch BS. I hate them in any way, shape or form. Ugh.

Funny you mention that. A restaurant owner/chef friend abhors having it on the menu (and wonders why people would order it with so many more interesting things). But if he takes it off, people complain. When I said "“if people want to pay you $X to serve them an easy to prepare item that only costs you $x, let them.” He didn’t disagree.