Tres Amigas Dining in New York City in May! Want Great Food and Chic Atmosphere!

New York in May…for 5 nights…What do we indulge in…and where?? I made reservations at Havana Central Times Square, Beauty & Essex, Otto Enoteca Pizza, Red Rooster Brunch,.Have not been to any of these places! Yea or Nay? Totally open for suggestions…Chic lol, Fun, Sexy, Delicious, Foodie environment, Authentic, is all the things what we want!!!

Here’s a current thread that should help.

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LOL! I resisted commenting on that. Plus I can’t tell if they want the food to be “shiek.”

yes,a shiek environment.

yes…is this a problem?

Are you looking for Shieks?

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thanks I read that before I posted…thats why I asked for a certain environment…I looked at some of your places and it said good for couples…So I was hoping for a fun shiek places with great food!! Thanks for responding

Okay am I missing something here?? Shiek is slang for Hot, sexy, cool… I know I didnt spell it wrong…Sheik is the wrong spelling…lol

Do you think you meant “chic”?

Definition of chic
: smart elegance and sophistication especially of dress or manner : style wears her clothes with superb chic
: a distinctive mode of dress or manner associated with a fashionable lifestyle, ideology, or pursuit wearing the latest in urban chic New Age chic
: a faddishly popular quality or appeal; also : something (as a practice or interest) having such appeal
the transient tides of academic chic — Irving Kristol

“shiek” is an Arab lead AFAIK.

I’ll be honest with you and not snarky but describing your selves as “Sexy Amazons” might be a tad offputting.

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lol…oops Chic…omg…lol Im shaking my head right now… but if you look up shiek in Urban its a slang word…But yes meant Chic…
Now why is Sexy Amazons wrong…I mean we are 5’11, 6’1 and 6’1…and we are Sexy…so whats wrong with that? Oh, and we love to dine!! I embrace my sex appeal I dont downplay it sorry. But thanks for the correction on Chic! :grin:

Got It!!! Dont want to promote that…I understand your point now… Im a serious foodie and diner…I even write for a company about places to dine. Just wanted to make sure that the environment is a sexy and yummy food place at the same time…So thats why I gave that description…but by all means I am looking for FOOD First! Then environment! Ill take your suggestion though and change it, because I dont want to put out the wrong vibe! Thanks! Im done with spending time on this discussion now…Now on to where to dine in NY!!!

Cool :slight_smile:

You might want to add price range if any. NYC can be from single to quintuple digits!!! Also any cuisines that you prefer or not. And any nabes. PS: NY is one of one my fave food cities although we don’t get there often enough.

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Okay…lets see…
We arrive in Manhattan on a thursday, so we are hoping for something in the city that has authentic food $$-$$$ and full bar and maybe some live music, thats why I thought Havana Central sounded interesting, but I dont know so thats why Im about this place. Im trying to book an array of places to dine… Different cultures and different experiences. Then we are going to Brooklyn to hang for a couple of days, so I thought before going we would stop in at an Oyster bar with champagne or Absinthe( I forgot the name of the place). Then I read great reviews on Beauty and Essex, so I thought maybe thats a place to try…then we are doing a group dining so I thought a great pizza bar with wine would be interesting as a group before going out to dance…So I thought Otto Enoteca would do… Then on Sunday I read about a Gospel brunch in Harlem so I thought …“Wow” that would be different, so I put that one down… But since I have not tried any of these places I thought to reach out and see if anyone has been or has any other suggestions…

What is a sexy place to you? Perhaps Vandal?

For sure a place for sexy people.

Personally, I think you should go try some pierogis at Karczma in Greenpoint as there probably isn’t a ton of Polish in the Amazon? But it is profoundly unsexy =/

How about Birds & Bubbles?

Thanks but I need good food first…Vandal sounds like food is not the priority…

Food is never the priority in sexy places. That’s just how it works in the USA. I presume the Amazon is better about mixing the two.

But at least go drink at PDT and Death & Co, maybe Attaboy. They are sort of sexyish with good drinks.

I would pass on Otto.

I’ve not been to Otto but still love Babbo. And they’re open for lunch except Sun/Mon.

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Babbo and Otto are not really similiar. But I haven’t been to Babbo in years.

The best item I had at Otto were the brussel sprouts.