Triniti does dinner!

We’ve all heard about Triniti now — that coffee shop masquerading as a haute cuisine hideout in Echo Park.

But what you may not have heard about is that those mad genuises are now offering dinner service every Friday and Saturday, from 5:30 to 9:30.

So what’s dinner like?

Well, we had avocado confit which makes every single “avocado toast” you may have had in your life taste like cardboard smeared with green stuff. We also had the soba and crudo. The soba was well-textured, light in taste but savory in an addictive way. As was the crudo, which was the perfect segue to the mains.

Why? Because we had beets and roasted potatoes. Not beets with roasted potatoes but beets for one dish and roasted potatoes, for the other. The beets looked fine, all crimson red and what-not, but my potatoes came with this fantastic Skordalia, which reminded me of the love child from a ménage a trois of mashed potatoes, hummus, and toum. This is fantastic stuff. Fantastic like I want to be buried in it fantastic.

Passed on dessert but banana bread was in the offing. Sort of regret it now. Alas, perhaps next weeks.

Crappy photo of menu below



I always knew it was just a matter of time before the immense talents there consummate the relationship with their space and start dinner service…

I used to find excuses to go there for lunch just to have their gnocchi.


“Bean stew, garden things

I love it already.

You thinking what I’m thinking?

Escargot bean stew!

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That bean stew is excellent. I love the food at Triniti, really ambitious and delicious, but zero comfort/seating. Totally Eastside

Do you know whether Triniti is still doing dinner on Fridays and Saturdays? We’d love to go this Friday, but I can’t find any mention of it on their website or social media. I emailed them with the question, but no answer. I don’t want to show up to a dark storefront!

Call them.
‭(213) 822-2103‬

Thanks! I’m so used to web-based solutions, I forgot about actually speaking with someone! The person who answered said they put out dinners for a month to gauge interest and will do it for real once their beer and wine license comes through. Knowing LA, who knows when that will be.

That’s too bad.

As an aside, I only learned about their dinners cuz I spend so much of my there that I just overheard.