Triniti (Echo Park): A Pictorial Essay

It’s not easy to decide on where to have coffee in Echo Park these days. That’s because this enclave, roughly west of Downtown, is possibly one of the most caffeinated areas in L.A. right now. And yet, in the midst of all these coffeehouses, one place manages to stand out.

01 DSC04911

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Walking into Triniti, one sees the usual barista setup,vaulted ceiliings and a few extremely attractive baked goods on display (bourbon canele, anyone?).

03 DSC04921

But then there is also fresh produce…

04 DSC04923


Well that’s because there is a chef at this coffee shop, too. The dishes emerging from the Triniti kitchen are thoughtful and frankly quite tasty. Breakfast became early lunch for me.

Buttered yam latte… Yes, I know, sooo very L.A.-sounding. This drink was also sooo soothing and very smoothly pulled. Yammy! (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist hehehe). FYI: The beans at Triniti are sourced from Tartine’s Coffee Manufactory.

10 DSC04925

Heirloom sourdough, with butter & housemade preserves… This reminded me of the delicious bread at Lodge Bread. Toothy in bite, so great when accompanied by the butter and berry preserve.

11 DSC04928

Roasted potatoes, skordalia, farm greens, shallot jam, poached egg… True to Chef Joseph Geiskopf’s pedigree (he’s spent time at Noma, Californios, Ubuntu and Destroyer), this dish is very much something one would find at one of Jordan Kahn’s restaurants: Deconstructed, and yet each part seamlessly melding into a very intentional gestalt - One of my favorite potato dishes of the moment.

12 DSC04953

Yogurt sorbet, preserved strawberry, local honey, walnut… Somehow, to me, this was most reminiscent of a slightly (and wonderfully) fermented panna cotta. Freaky, in a very good way.

14 DSC04940

Carrot & ginger slushee… Got this “to go”. Wow, this was such a great finish to a decidedly unconventional coffeeshop.

20 DSC04959

The vision at Triniti is to offer the neighborhood an all-day fine eating (yet casual) cafeteria while building around a coffeehouse vibe. I liked it, and will try to come back for more menu items in the near future.

99 DSC04915a


1814 W. Sunset Bl.
Los Angeles, CA 90026


I am envious, this place sounds so terrific.

My kind of food. :yum:

Good to see a review of this place. Definitely on my to do list!

Ugh tried to edit my last post to include a photo but failed. Anyway, Triniti is still pretty special. Dare I say that it’s kinda sorta (in terms of great lunch/brunch dishes) just a better, less crowded Sqirl.

Don’t come here expecting ricotta toast and all that stuff, but you don’t need it.



Passing this coupon on. It worries me that they need to resort to this, but it’s a great deal for all of us.|mosaic&package_id=153179

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“That’s because this enclave, roughly west of Downtown, is possibly one of the most caffeinated areas in L.A. right now.” :rofl: Great little report. Great photos - the shot of the facade is bomb!

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