Triple Beam in HP? + Matt Molina is now @ ERB?

Thanks Eater for the heads up. Guess we’ll conveniently ignore the scraping of FTC for listicles =P

Triple Beam Pizza is a joint effort among several different parties with a mutual background. Tops among them is Nancy Silverton of Mozza fame, along with longtime collaborator Matt Molina, who is now at Everson Royce Bar in the Arts District. There’s also Randy Clement of Silverlake Wine (and Everson Royce Bar) who helped bring the whole project together and will be selling bottles from a tasting room and storefront at the back of the property. David Rosoff (Moruno) is on to oversee wine for the restaurant side.

There will be $8 wines by the glass on offer,

Is Molina going to do double duty? or will his time @ ERB be coming to an end?

Then there’s a still-unnamed modern California restaurant with bow-truss ceilings and a marble bar to be helmed by Molina alone, while Go Get Em Tiger takes up some frontage selling coffee and food as well.

He prolly has a good enough team at ERB that he can do some consulting and set up the kitchen at the new place.

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Pay by the ounce? Is this a Roman thing?

Indeed. Very common not just in Rome, but many countries in Europe.

That’s fine, but the last I checked, Europe also is on the Euro, Italy is the “I” in “P.I.G.S.”, please take the crust off my slice before weighing it. :wink:

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My team supreme, stay clean
Triple Beam Lyrical Dream, I be that

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The hubster and I went last night to check it out.

The pizza IS great. Pricier then you think it would be but also more complex and satisfying then you think it would be so it kind of evens out ; )

The big hmm was the wine. Generous pours for $8 (yay!) and decently tasty but having just three choices did limit you. Understand the economics but if you wanted a richer red or a buttery-er white? Not in luck.

Except… I went and asked and, while you can’t take any Highland Park Wine out of the shop to drink with the pizza - you CAN take the pizza in to HPW to eat and drink there. And that’s a mighty fine option to know about :yum:


Disappointing lunch at Triple Beam. Had everything. Toppings solid. Crust was so tough our jaws ache. The Autostrada was so salty, we couldn’t finish it. Thank goodness for the unlimited free filtered and sparkling water on tap. Maybe just a bad day.


Yikes! So sorry to hear this chewchow!

Both times we’ve been there, it was about 30 minutes after opening. We found the crust crisp on the outside but tender chewy over all - maybe our slices hadn’t been sitting out that long.

My big “What?!” of the second visit was the price of the focaccia. I think it was over three dollars for a small chunk. And yes, it had great structure, but dang. Study the no knead bread recipe and you too can do that!

Last time we were there, I finally got a slice of the famed potato pizza - and it was fine. Dandy. Got it. My surprise fav of the day? The fresh asparagus pizza. So so good! And still love the classic margherita there.

Agree with you on all of this. Had the same thoughts when I was there over the weekend. That asparagus one was great. I will say that I thought the focaccia was worth it, though. The olive one was really nice. But I’ll take a look at that recipe you mentioned cause I would love to replicate it.

President Mochi -

Nancy Silverton’s breads are awesome. I’m a huge fan. But… The no-knead focaccia from Serious Eats is so good and so easy? It has spoiled me.

Here’s the link describing it and, there’s a link in it for the recipe.

Kenji has it all fancified with pistachios olives etc. - you don’t need that. It’s fantastic just with fresh rosemary and kosher salt or, poppyseed and kosher salt.

Happy baking!


I wish you would also put that on Home Cooking.

I did! Just had a slightly different title. Here 'tis -

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Excellent! Thanks.

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Tried Triple Beam today, thought it was only okay. Lunch cost me about $20 (including over $2.50 for a can of diet coke). Crust is indeed a bit tough and dense, toppings are fine. Like the vibe and concept though. For about the same price or only slightly more, Sixth + Mill (sit down place next to Officine Brera) is more my style.


According to Eater, Triple Beam now has a lunch special - 4 slices of pizza, a roll and a drink for $10. Sounds great to me but could not find any mention of it on their webpage…

Click the link and go to lucky #13 : )

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Concur, not a fan.

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I can confirm that it’s true since I work nearby. Weekdays only.

Moonboy - thank you! I am in!

I live not that far away and this would be a perfect, well priced weekday treat. Hooray!