Trump Burger is a tourist attraction, monument to the former president

(Link stolen from a thread on HO.)

Very fitting - a shitty little restaurant for a shitty, little moron


Oh , I can see where this thread is going already…

Seems like it was a good marketing choice. On weekends he’s got people driving two hours to eat there and the place is packed. Probably not alienating many potential customers since 78.7% of the voters in the county went for Trump (seems like a gerrymandering opportunity).

Apparently the first Trump-themed restaurant in town went out of business.

I didn’t read this. Did they mention that he wasn’t really elected, just became prez. Trying hard to relate this to food. Impossible Burger? (Sorry IB)

The menu’s pretty standard except for the joke Biden Burger:

Reminds me of Hippopotamus Hamburger in SF, which for a time in the 60s poked fun at LBJ with a Great Society burger that cost $50.