Trying to perfect the craft of GRILLED food

share yours

asada didn’t even make it into the pics :frowning:






I’m with you. Almost everything is fair game :slight_smile:

Here’s a standard burger we do. Homeground pork, cheese, English muffin, peppers, onions all done on the grill. Also mushrooms. Can’t tell from the photo but avocado is frequently added and there’s the arugula (not grilled!)



nice stacking!

LOL. These are eaten by nibbling around the edges after ‘squishing.’

Well, lamb chops of course.


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oh man… someone missed their chance to grill their lettuce wedge.

We’ve grilled Romaine wrapped in bacon or other cured meats. Not sure what this was.


Chuck steak.


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how about some chickens a little while back

Are those yams/sweet potatoes in the back? If so, how did you do that? TIA

(Off-topic, I’ve never understood not grilling year round…if you can get to your grill. We live in snow country but our grill is mostly under an eave of the house.)

Japanese sweet potato yes. White flesh. They just slowly roast

For how long? Seems like it would take ages for something as dense as a potato.

probably an hour and a half… the grill was probably firing for 3 hours and there is space… helps that it’s a heat retaining type of “grill”

what kind of grill is that?

I was wondering the same thing.

Kamado Akorn… a green egg bootleg,store:1358544555752304294&prds=oid:7917117660035430369&q=kamado+akorn&hl=en&ei=jkexWq2rOoeGjwPj4aCAAQ&lsft=gclid:CjwKCAjw4sLVBRAlEiwASblR-6bUz78GcdGrhof8AGQAfegqLjjfUK8xy1Uba5xba-DVb6bt9CO3LRoC65AQAvD_BwE


wow, that is a very good price. How is it holding up? do you like it?

It has held up fine for the 3 years I’ve had it. Only used it maybe 15-20 times though. Temp gauge is shot, but should have a better one anyway.

These are weird units, they’re not smokers and they’re not normal grills either. Sort of an in between. They retain heats so great for for slow cooking methods and smoking (IF you get a heat diffuser so you can sort of go indirect)… I wish there was a window to the heat source from down below to add fuel when needed. Really tough when i’m stacked up like

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Do this. Set up drip trays with potato’s soaking up chicken juices French style