Trying to perfect the craft of GRILLED food

What temp are you cooking at? Are you using the heat diffuser? I love this idea. Need to get a stack rack for my BGE.

Different depending what i’m doing. This latest chicken post was about 2 hours around 300-325. Dont have a heat shield yet. Taht would make it just impossible to add coals with my unit.

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That rack idea is brilliant!

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Gotta love a good rack.


You were taking about ribs right?

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There are all manner of ribs.

Uh… yeah. Of course!

did someone say ribs?



I’m pretty sure I said “Me please!” And here we’re going to have Stouffers Turkey Tetrazzini for dinner tonight!

Nice . Do you remove the membrane or leave it on. I have been a fan of leaving it on. I do it for pork. Am I looking at some beef ribs. Nice job.

I’m not Nemroz (obviously) but I’ve never removed the membrane. Our results totally satisfy us so why do more work?

I need to try this. What is it that makes you a fan? I don’t think it’s a whole lot of work taking the membrane off, but if you see and advantage to leaving it on…

I think it keeps it from drying out.

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What’s the advantage to removing it?

I was taught that the membrane itself is tough and makes the ribs less tender. That and the ribs absorb seasoning better on the underside when the membrane is removed. I’ve never had an issue with ribs drying out without the membrane.

I can’t really stand that latex membranes pigs grow… i pull it off

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I tend to like it. It’s pretty much gone after they are done cooking.

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You like sinew? This is interesting.

There’s so much texture and flavor going on I’ve really never noticed. I’ll have to pay attention next time.

My favorite way to cook ribs is just use salt and pepper . No rub or barbecue sauce , and put them in the smoker using large chunks of oak wood. I do set a pan of water in the smoker also.