Tsujita’s Ultimate Ramen Champion coming to Fairfax Ave

Just was walking to a date and saw the best thing ever, Tsujita is opening Ultimate Ramen Champion on fairfax across from CBS in the old Kaya Street Kitchen spot.

Gonna be epic



Sad to see the Kaya go but it’ll be nice to have a Tsujita nearby

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oh my god yes! kaya was such bleh… once was enough




anyone have intel when this is actually opening?
Walked by on Thursday and was definitely a while out from opening still.

my thread got linked by eater, i officially made it.


You should ask eater for a check

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wow! can you sign my reply please.

p.s. will go exactly 1 full month after opening. our neighborhood is really improving with regard to food


Has anybody had the chicken ramen at Tsujita Glendale? Any good? Guess I’ll try it at this new spot.

Went to the soft opening tonight.
Got the annex ramen. Broth was the annex broth we all love, it was very delicious. The charsiu was a little tough, but I’m giving them benefit of the doubt it was their first night.
Egg also was cooked well.
This is mostly going to be a Togo spot with only about 15 seats.
Only issue I had is that they were serving ramen in plastic bowls with plastic ramen spoons… would very much prefer real ramen bowl and spoons for dine in.
All in all VERY happy about this opening.
Hours will be 11am-10p M-Sun (wish they were open later on weekends).
EAK has been letting me down last few times, and Tatsu is the worst.

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It’s funny when Tsujita did a pop-up before their first opening at Mitsuwa in West LA they served the ramen in little plastic bowls too. Man, that was a longass time ago and look where they are now. The parking at this location seems really tough.

Hi @skramzlife,

Thanks for the early report. Serving your piping hot ramen in plastic bowls and plastic spoons? :frowning: That’s terrible. I hope that’s just temporary.


I have a feeling that it’s not temporary. I’m going to complain on Friday when I go in.

Even santouka has real bowls ffs

Of course - 'Cuz Santouka is undeniably top tier stuff - Why would you use them as an example?


Even Ajisen has real bowls

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because Santouka is located in a food court in a supermarket, able to provide real bowls (and in some locations real utensils) while Tsujita is here charging $20 all in for a bowl of ramen at a sit down restaurant, giving out plastic bowls and silverware.


Ok I went again today (free ramen)…and spoke to the manager regarding the plastic bowl fiasco.

She said that they took over Kaya’s business license which was a Togo only license supposedly which she explained means they can only serve in Togo plating.


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