Tsujita’s Ultimate Ramen Champion coming to Fairfax Ave

Hi @skramzlife,

Thanks for the update. That’s unfortunate and still terrible. :frowning: One less place I need to visit.

BYOB = Bring Your Own Bowl.


What kind of Bowl


What’s your issue with Tatsu? I quite like it

Do you think they would let you? Like bringing your own coffee go-cup? I would totally do that. I used to bring my own silverware to Destroyer. :fork_and_knife::ramen: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@CiaoBob = @Ns1 doppleganger

You are awesome! Maybe I’ll bring some salt next time I go because there food is desabrido as my mom likes to say

I think their broth is very bland when compared to tsujita or menya musashi.


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That’s a neat spoon.

You are being too kind to Tatsu.

I think Tatsu’s broth is worse than the dishwasher soapwater at most other ramen-yas.


Yes tatsu is the worst I dog on it all the time trash broth no complexity

Also not a huge fan of tatsu have had poor tasting broth and overly cooked noodles there more than a few times

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Annex Ramen (light sprouts) w egg & menma

This is my 4th visit and still hate the plastic bowls of it all but i live across the street so I can’t complain that much.

The annex ramen is excellent now, better then when they opened… the noodles are cooked perfectly w good chew now and the broth so deep and flavorful… actually think this is better then menya musashi now.

First time trying their menma and it’s also superb.

Honestly can’t believe we have this in fairfax village.

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Asked earlier in the thread, but have you had the chicken broth ramen yet? Just curious how it is, planning to check it out soon. It’s unreal I can walk to this.

But do they have a Toto?

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Haven’t tried the chicken yet, but i’m guessing it’s gonna be way better than CRAPTSU’s (Tatsu).


No Toto unfortunately…

True dat, Tatsu is trash.

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How’s the line been?

i forgot to take the famalam here yesterday… Gish Bac won the hungover lunch game again

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