Uber Eats is bringing Katz's pastrami to L.A. this weekend

That really is hilarious. I just don’t understand how Katz can take their excellent pastrami, and defile it with some of the worst rye bread ever – especially since as I understand it, there’s still great rye to be had in NYC. Does Katz bake that crap themselves?

Anyone actually get this?

Sold out when I checked just now. More available tomorrow.

After discovering Langer’s, I’ve pretty much stopped going to Katz’s when in NY. The bread is just too off. Plus, once you appreciate that detail, it becomes physically impossible not to go to Russ & Daughters next door instead.

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$27 for a sandwich I get the privilege of making myself at home and a burger? Oh joy.

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If it’s that bad . I would order the sandwich, no bread and replace with my choice

@paranoidgarliclover and @robert: totally agree, Wexler’s is really solid, including the bread. I’d eat that pastrami any day of the week, even if Langers is a notch above, particularly given the convenient (for me) locations.