UberEATS: The Godmother

I was stuck at work without my bike and not feeling like having the chicken soup I brought. So today I decided to try UberEATS Instant Delivery. What that is, is UberEATS putting together a really short rotating menu of stuff which can be delivered quickly. Today’s menu included Bay Cities Godmother. Since my work is in a place with not many food options, there’s usually an UberEATS car circling. So for 15.99 total, I got a pre-made Godmother delivered in 5 minutes.

The sandwich was as Dommy! would put it, well marinated. That made it easier to get your teeth through the bread. However, it was over dressed and the insides were getting out as you bit into it. You had to hold it in a way which kept stuff in as you were eating, which was a bit tricky. Otherwise it was great. Plus, the driver offered me a cookie for being out on the curb as he drove up.

For what it was, the QPR was good and I might do it again in similar circumstances.

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so basically the same thing you’d get at bay cities, but in less time.




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I wonder if this will work with chubby rice? I’m in mid-city. :slight_smile:

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If Gjusta ever participated, I’d be so all over that. :wink:

It takes more than 5 mins to get into the Bay Cities parking lot on a bad day, so this seems like a good use of $ to save time… Thanks for the info.

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Chubby Rice would be a no-go for Mid City. They severely limit the radius of the restaurants you can order from.