Ugly Delicious does Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Watching the first episode with Seth
I’m enjoying it . When your super wealthy and get to smoke pot , eat , and have fun . Kudos for the hard work to get where they’re at .

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Just watched the LA episode. A strange mishmash of LA restaurants…

Restaurants (Spoilers below):

  • Winsome - Echo Park (now closed)
  • Hot n Juicy Crawfish - ?
  • Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop - Gardena
  • Chikara Mochi - Gardena (?)
  • Otafuku - Gardena

Who the heck came up with that itinerary?

Lena Waithe and David Chang.

Fuck ketchup.

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I just watched the Los Angeles episode. Like a long, boring, not-funny version of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.


I get the impression that Rogen always has fun, and that Chang is usually too busy working and worrying.

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It’s not as random as it might first appear. One of his new chefs is from that area and was talking about some of those restaurants as influences. They talked a lot about the Gardena bowl in particular

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I liked the show . Not trying to be trendy . Los Angeles is always exemplified as that .

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