Underground Dining in L.A. - Your Experiences

Wolvesmouth, Sharksteeh, Oxalis, etc…

Have any of you enjoyed/disliked your meals? Were the price points commensurate with your experience? Hoops to jump through to secure a seat at the table? Any interesting anecdotes?

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I’ve done LQ Foodings a few times. Chef Laurent is a gracious host and eating at his home is a unique experience especially since you are sharing a large communal table with strangers. In terms of the food, it’s hit or miss, though most of his dishes are good to very good but there are some misses in there. His legendary cheese cart is always a treat and a highlight for those who love cheese like I do.

In terms of pricing, I think it’s in line to what you would pay for a comparable meal at a restaurant. Given that he has very low overhead, you would expect the prices to be a little lower but I think it’s still fair. Just wish he didn’t charge corkage fee.

I too, have really really enjoyed my meals with Chef Laurent - great food and precise execution. The only thing to add is that he can get a bit “over the top” with the theme, in terms of number of courses… I recall a certain truffle menu a few years back going well into course #22, and this is before the luxurious cheese cart made its appearance.

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Hi @J_L,

Wow! 22 Courses before his famous cheese cart?! :open_mouth: Amazing!

Where is the 22 course offering?

Hi @hungryhungryhippos,

JL is talking about Chef Laurent’s Bistro LQ events.



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Thanks for the clarification @Chowseeker1999 but I was referring specifically to a meal that had 22 courses. All the meals only have 6ish courses.

Hi @hungryhungryhippos,

Ah sorry! Might’ve been that crazy $300+ Truffle Tasting Menu he was doing a few years ago perhaps?

No worries! The childhood fatboy in me got so excited when I read 22 courses…lol

Correct you are. Half the dining room was on the floor, crying uncle after the 18th course that night. I was starting to cross my eyes as I chewed on after the 20th…


any recent visits to Wolvesmouth?

Is that still around?

They just sent out invites yea

Not recent. I went a couple of years ago with some work friends. Food was great…and it was a private dinner so everyone was somehow connected to each other…not a group of random strangers.

It’s not invited-based anymore. It’s a ticketing system. You just sign up for their email list and they send out emails when the next round of tickets is going on sale. Set price now too, obviously.