Unique Dining Experiences?

I’m kind of my family/friend’s resident concierge. My nephew’s roommate has tasked me with finding a unique place to take a special date this Saturday… Yes I know, short notice… Young bachelors :sweat:. He tried Le Comptoir… they’re booked. But this should give you an idea of what he’s looking for. Any suggestions? If not, feel free to add snark.

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feng mao mutton kebab. it’ll be a special date for sure.


I love you for that. But no.

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71Above-Best views in all of LA


I imagine most of us play this role respectively in our lives haha. My snark will be asking if planning a meal almost a week in advance is actually short notice??

Why not LASA?

What does the keyword “unique” mean? Without know somone’s background it’s sort of hard to know what unique means.

I would also tend to champion Baco Mercat. I’ve never had an unsuccessful date there. It aims at the younger crowd to begin with after all. And despite people constantly claiming that it is not unique, I still have no idea where one would eat that is the same as it.

What part of the mutton are these skewers?

they serve non mutton parts. it’s the part that’s perfect for dates :joy:


The Galley if you like steamed clams more funky

I hear Mare is great. You enter throu a small peanut butter storefront and then through a hidden freezer door and emerge in a romantic patio with Mediterranean fare and a full bar. Ding, ding ding


He means balls Aesthete.

balls are rocky mountain oysters. my pic is a rocky mountain geoduck.


The food isn’t great but it’s good and it’s very romantic and a great date place.

Ah, that’s true, Mare is really romantic, simple and awesome. I need to go back there…

Those are like $40 skewers then??

LOL, you should google up rocky mountain oysters.

they’re like $5 for the skewers, so we basically paid $5 for a bunch of pics and stories that I’ve regurgitated for the past 5 years. now that’s what I call QPR.

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Oh so not actually geoduck? I have had rocky mountain oysters. Are they actually good on skewers?

no, i would say without fail they were the worst skewers I have ever had.

My previous thoughts on the matter:

so we tried it 2 ways, the first way grilled slightly, the second way grilled crunchy.

Well let’s put it this way, I managed to get through the first piece (grilled slightly) by chewing thru 3/4 of it and washing it down with beer. I tried to do the same thing with the second…but ended up chewing for > 30 seconds and ended up spitting the damn thing out.


I see the uniqueness of the meal now haha

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he means this, son:


A little off beat, but Erven is starting dinner service on Friday, so he will have that first to know about it thing going. It is vegan, but the chef is not vegan, simply honoring the pedigree of the space, which had been Real Food Daily, and before that, the original location of Axe, before it moved to Venice. As chef Ervin said, it is a challenge to cook vegan, but the Farmers Market is right down the block, so why not. There is a good-looking crowd there, at least there was at lunch today. Call and ask what the menu will be and if their liquor license will be operative yet (beer and wine only). The space is much nicer than RFD was, but not super romantic. Ervinrestaurant.com Good luck to friend of nephew.

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The cannibal for some HEAD

Source: la times

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