Unusual grocery items to bring back from China

I’m hoping the hive mind can help me out here. My spouse will be in Nanjing China for two weeks and is offering to bring back some food items from her trip. My question is, what should she bring back? I live adjacent to the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California, so I’m not interested in anything that I can find at our local 99 Ranch (or similar) grocery store. I’m looking for anything that would be useful to a home cook and would be impossible to find here in the States. Thanks very much.

4 days and no replies? I’ll chime in:

Shark fin?

I kid. I kid. (Somewhat)

Nanjing salted suck is wonderful, but that’s not exactly an ingredient.

Powdered rhino horn and bear bladder?

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Those are cheaper in the U.S.

Organic, and gluten-free, too.

Okay, you just cracked me up.

Bear paws and totoaba swim bladders. Topped with ivory and tiger bile.

Cuz you don’t need no tiger penis. That’s for amateurs.

Godzilla pizzle. (Extract it before it goes extinct).