UP-hill at UP-per West on Pico - nicely surprised

Had a surprisingly excellent meal at Upper West this week.
My favorite was the Roasted Cauliflower with tahini sauce / pickled golden raisins / preserved lemon
Also - Lovely Lamb tacos, Spicy Salmon Crispy Rice, Excellent mussels, a few really great soups (corn soup was especially yummy). We did not do any entrees. Only one app was kind of a goopy mess: CRISPY GLAZED CHICKEN sambal-honey sauce / pickled mango & fennel / housemade mustard

Previous visits have been kind of what you would expect - silly “upgrades” to average bar foods (like truffle on everything and too many ingredients, as @paranoidgarliclover pointed out previously Upper West (SaMo): too much of a good thing).
But this week everything was really tasty and well-executed. I think Nick Shipp, the chef, is a little bit of an underappreciated/diamond-in-the-rough in LA.

Place was jam packed on a Thursday with lots of Imbibing Silicon Beachers.
Will def return soon to try some main courses.