Urbani Truffle Sale at Eataly Today

For those who may be interested, it looks like this is happening today. Black truffles were $1.50/g, I believe.

$165 an ounce is better than $330, but yikes.

Thank you!

Still not worth it imo, the truffles at eataly are very poor quality.

truffle sale today too.

anyone how quickly these sell out? can’t make it out there until late afternoon.

Still well stocked @ 5pm in NYC. Only concern is the larger nice unblemished specimens running low if you arrive later (foreground)

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Closer to the source :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Great price if the quality is high. My connection is $7.15 / gram for delivery the day they get here from Italy.

Last sale of the decade at Eataly

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Went today for other reasons… the Truffles looked great! Supper fragrant. Sadly my palate just doesn’t like them at all. No matter what I’ve tried