Valentines day 2017 dinner recs

Know Valentine’s Day is frowned upon for going out,but still need to take the misses somewhere nice.

Any good recommendations for Vday this year?

And a related question, is the Friday after Valentine’s day usually much better for restaurants? This year, the 14th falls on a Tuesday.

Providing information about whether ambiance or food is important, your target price per person, and your desired geographic location, and whether you want a price fixe menu or a place that serves their standard menu on that day might help to guide responses…


Get a hotel room.

Order room service.

Then have at it. The food, that is.

The rest? Up to you.


My experiences with hotel room services is that their menu is very limited compared to their on site restaurant. For example, I usually default to a steak with a glass of wine for dinner. But the choices are significantly better if I venture down to the hotel restaurant, if time permits.

I’d definitely do it on 2/11 or 2/12 to have a better experience. Go for Lost At Sea maybe.

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AOC patio is always a wise choice.

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In my opinion, dining out on Valentine’s day can be less than optimal experience.
Stay home, cook yourself, if can’t cook, order take out/delivery, drink nice bottle(s) of champagne or that special wine. If that does not work, perhaps try that omakase some place that you always wanted to try?


If you’re at a five-star, they’ll send whatever you want up to the room.

I may be wrong, but I remember reading somewhere that José Andrés might have some connection with the room service at the SLS in Beverly Hills. If that’s true, the room service there might be worthwhile.

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Not to be a killjoy, but for the cost of the hotel room (particularly in the 5 star) you could enjoy several good meals.

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Love room service…cuz the kids menu usually has tater tots and hot fudge sundaes!

I would bring my own Veuve and nothing like heading out to maybe San Ysidro Ranch, El Encanto, Spanish Garden or Biltmore in Montecito and then have lunch at Cold Spring and then room service or hit up the Costco for champagne, shrimp cocktails, cheese, chocolates.

Four Seasons in Westlake Village has rooms for $349-$379 for Saturday, Feb 11th -12th…
Breakfast room service with a late check out would be fab…bring the dogs!

Take the Catalina Express over to Avalon and have dinner at Mt. Ada for lunch or dinner at the golf course or Portofino.


Don’t order from the room service menu. That’s for amateurs.

Order from the restaurant at the hotel, if there is one. Or, if your concierge is competent enough to cast a shadow, then have him arrange for delivery from a restaurant of your choice.


Yeah, room service is for amateurs. Heck, the Bel Air Hotel delivers from the restaurant to their neighbors.

But if the OP is set on a restaurant, somewhere with an ocean view is always romantic. Nobu Malibu comes to mind.

At this time of year it would be too dark to see anything during dinner.

Good point. How about something high above the city? Isn’t there a rotating restaurant somewhere? I want to say LAX…

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For Nobu, you’d have to book a table prior to sunset…that’s the magic hour.


Encounter has been closed for several years (alas).

I’m an amateur. Which is why I love reading this board w/ all the high rollers. :slight_smile: