Vegan burritos

Hope to try it!

Glowing Juices (Echo Park). Breakfast burrito and black bean burrito. These are damn good! Really good ingredients. Love the black rice. Love the pieces of coconut. Among my favorites so far. So lucky to have so many great vegan options in LA! I feel a little guilty that the driver again did not have an EV and also I threw away half the burritos.


Wild Loving Foods. Southwestern Breakfast Burrito. One could rightly be concerned that this wrapped object deviates too far from the Platonic ideal of a burrito to be called a burrito. But the people most knowledgeable about the object called it a burrito on their menu, and for present purposes I see little reason to challenge their assessment. This burrito is good quality like every item on the menu. It is completely raw, with a dried mango tortilla outside and curried coconut, zucchini, kale, and avocado inside. It’s not my favorite menu item, but Peony likes it.


Erewhon. Plant-based burrito with Madras-curry flavored tofu, seitan, hash browns, avocado, and other stuff. Really good! I am lucky to live in a city with so many vegan burrito options. I used to live in Tokyo and while it is a great city and the people care about our planet I could not find a single vegan burrito.

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That Wild Loving Foods “burrito” seems a lot closer to a spring roll.

Kudos to them for not using “factory food.” If the only way to “save the planet” (i.e. not make it uninhabitable for humans) is to eat processed food, why bother?

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Sage. Breakfast Burrito

Warrior: Very soft, smooth, and elegant. People who like Mozart’s flute and harp concertos will like this. I am more of a neurotic type, but I appreciate this burrito.

Peony: I like it! Good flavor. I like that the tortilla is thin. The scrambled tofu is very tasty.

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Burrito Break. One place in the Disney-like alley of St. Vincent Court is not like the others. A modern burrito shop amidst Armenian, Persian, and Turkish restaurants. The little burritos are pretty good, a poor man’s Burritos La Palma. Here we have a soyrizo burrito and a rajas & potato burrito. Confirmed vegan.


I was gonna review the Sage version this weekend but my son wasn’t into a vegan brunch.

I like Sage, generally. The only things I’ll add is (1) Sage is kind of expensive. Their breakfast burrito is 19 bucks and (2) Sage has a full bar, which is sort of rare for a vegan restaurant.

It’s not relevant for a brunch thread, but we try to go to Sage during Happy Hour.

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Thanks for your post! We like Sage for brunch. (There are actually two Sages: one in Echo Park and one in Culver City. We have only been to the one in Echo Park. Last I checked the two restaurants had the same menu.)

If I had to fault Sage for one thing, it’s that their menu has too much high-carb stuff like pancakes and pizzas and deep fried stuff like “buffalo cauliflower.” My favorite vegan restaurant, hands down, is Wild Living Foods, in part because virtually everything is healthy and in part because they have a more unique cuisine. But if your son wasn’t into a vegan brunch, I think he totally would not be into Wild Living Foods!

Yep - Sage has a lot of high carb dishes, I agree.

I had the “loaded nachos” last time I was there for HH. They have chili and a few other protein-ish dishes.

I’ll take my wife to Wild Living Foods, she and I like vegan places. (I just don’t see my kid that much, so I let him pick the breakfast place). She really likes Stuff I Eat. I do, too, but she goes there more often than I do.

Their BB is Yellow polenta (grits), cottage-fried potatoes, tempeh sausage, tofu scramble, minced kale, guacamole, SIE sauce, and carrot mango dressing all wrapped in a wholewheat tortilla shell. Served with Organic corn chips and mixed green salad. (I don’t recall if I’ve had it.)

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Update: it’s good! Crumbled veggie patty, fake cheese, tofu scramble, tater tots, chipotle aioli. Works well as a pretty decadent vegan burrito, good textural stuff, and a really interesting hot sauce that tastes like they probably just tossed a jar of pepperoncini in the blender.


The Vegan Joint. “Burrito #3” on their breakfast menu. Once again, I am concerned that the object before me is not a burrito, but I defer to its creators’ judgment.

Burrito #3 comprises mashed lentils and soy chicken. While not bad, it is my least favorite of the vegan burritos I have tried thus far.

This is a great thread. Please add the prices of the burrito. That would be a cool addition. Also, which one should I try first?

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Thank you for your support!

Of the burritos I’ve tasted in this thread, I believe Localita’s The Calito is the yummiest and most likely to please. That is my #1 recommendation.

For a more conventional “breakfast burrito” with scrambled tofu, I liked Glowing Juices’ burrito the best, but there have been many more good choices (e.g., Sage, Erewhon, Lassen’s, and Kitchen Mouse).

My favorite burrito of all is the raw Ito Burrito from Au Lac, but I recognize this to be an eccentric selection, so it would not be my first recommendation.

And it sounds like I need to make a trip to Burgerlords!

Taco Bell. Bean burrito minus cheese. This burrito is very basic. While not bad, it is clearly the worst of the vegan burritos so far. At $2.15, it is also the cheapest.


Whole Foods (DTLA). $5 Santa Fe Vegan Breakfast Burrito. Soggy tortilla (steamed too long). Rather bland mix of tofu, potato chunks, and whole pinto beans inside. Truthfully, I preferred the Taco Bell bean burrito, which simply works better as a burrito.

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go back, tell them to put extra onions, green sauce, tomatoes and rice.

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please try

  • Olga’s Naturally: Mexican
  • Sugar Taco
  • Trejo’s Tacos
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Good idea!

Plant Power Fast Food (E. Hollywood). Breakfast burrito with avocado added. $12. This burrito is delicious! I’m not sure it’s all that healthy with the fake soy meat, fake soy scrambled egg, and fake cheese, but I think virtually everyone would like this burrito. Great-tasting food like this that will help lead us to a world in which only animals have the right to eat animals. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”