Vegan Emergency

Hey, bit of an emergency here. I have a couple vegan guests coming to a party tomorrow at 6 pm near the intersection of the 405 and Venice Blvd. My original plan was, in addition to something boring like pizza, to pick up a few items to go from Erven’s marketplace section, like some salads, because I know everybody would enjoy those, not just vegans - but apparently they got rid of it!

I need to figure out where to get food now. Westside would obviously be ideal, since that’s where the party is, but I live in Koreatown and I’ll be in Valley Village earlier in the day, so anywhere in those areas (or on the way from Ktown to the valley, or from the valley to the westside) will do, if the food can hold up for a few hours without refrigeration.

No really strict criteria, though ideally the food wouldn’t be too off the wall - I have no idea what their food preferences are, so safer is better. i.e. thai would probably not be my first pick but I’ll go with it if I have to - it’s probably better than trying to get vegan pizza, anyways.



Hi @T3t,

Hm, near Venice & the 405… you could swing by Gjusta (about 10 - 15 min away) and treat them to the amazing Gjusta Falafel Sandwich and the Veggie Sandwich (they sound boring, but they are some of our favorite items in Gjusta’s awesome menu even though they’re Vegan). :slight_smile:

Their Daily Salad Case will sometimes have Vegan Salads (definitely Vegetarian ones), but you’ll have to call ahead on those.

Their Crack-Infused @A5KOBE recommended Chili Hummus is amazing! :slight_smile: One of the best Hummus dips I’ve ever tried.

320 Sunset Ave.
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 314-0320

There’s also Samosa House about 5 min away from that spot on Washington.

They have a lot of tasty Vegan options. I like their Indian Stewed Jackfruit dish (really tasty). Their Smoked Cauliflower dish. Daal (Stewed Lentils). Saag (Stewed Spinach), and a few other options. And get a side of Brown Rice. :slight_smile:

Samosa House
11510 W. Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 398-6766


The Vegan Joint in Palms, basically a potpourri of Vegan cuisines.

Or perhaps the Grain Cafe in Mid-City.

Never had a meal here but got desserts to go for my vegan sister. She really enjoyed them.

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Donut Farm in Silverlake has some pretty tasty vegan donuts. They have burritos too but I have never had one.

I tried their donuts once up in SF.

It made me crave stale tempeh.

These are all really great suggestions, thanks! I forgot to mention I’d probably be running a pretty strict time constraint so I’d need to be able to pick up the food quickly; Samosa House looks really good, the food sounds easy to split among many people, and they seem likely to be able to accommodate a short time-frame. @Chowseeker1999 correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:


Hi @T3t,

Yah Samosa House is pretty quick, and they always have Vegan Indian dishes every day. :slight_smile: Hope they like it.


Mine were good.

In fact, better than stale tempeh.

Here is the link to my review of Krimsey’s Cajun Kitchen in North Hollywood. I am not a vegan, so feel free to take my review with a grain of sea salt.

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To note: the chilli hummus has fish sauce. :fish: :yum:

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Ah darn! My mistake. Thanks for the catch.

i always cut vegan restaurants some slack, but the VEGAN JOINT was just flavorless to me.
sort of nothing with nothing
(i really wanted to like it)
obviously ymmv

at samosa house they serve both vegan dishes and vegetarian dishes.
best to ask about any given dish if the distinction is important to you.


That’s how I feel about all vegan places.

Seriously. And they’re always putting weird seeds and grains on everything. It’s much easier to eat and enjoy vegan at Italian or Thai places, even Mexican.

And you don’t get the vegantude.

Mediterranean cuisine usually have lots of vegan and vegetarian choices as well. Notoriously meat-intensive dishes are balanced by meatless ones. Salads, spreads/dips, falafel, etc.

RAHEL vegan ethiopian, imho, is very flavorful, and completely vegan.
just ate lunch there on thursday.
they offer a supurb buffet ayce vegan lunch until 3pm.

their awaze (sp?) is terrific, as is their 100% teff injera (special order with an upcharge but worth it).