Vegan food in the SFV

I’m looking for a place in the lower/eastern SFV that has GOOD vegan food for a small get together. I’ve been to Hugo’s, it was a big disappointment–pasta was overcooked and bland, other guests didn’t like their food as well. I can’t eat anything spicy so that rules out a lot of places. It could be breakfast, lunch or dinner…not sure when we’ll meet.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Vegetable and Sun Organics in Studio City on Ventura Blvd. True Earth Vegan and Lotus Vegan (Thai) in North Hollywood/Toluca Lake area. Gokoku Vegetarian Ramen near Universal City might serve vegan bowls as well (need to call to confirm).

When I dine with a vegan, here’s where we’ve gone where we were both happy: Tony’s Darts Away, Joe’s Falafel, Tocaya, Tender Greens, EAT, Blu Jam.

We also end up at Indian. Anarbagh and Bollywood have been very accommodating.

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My Vegan friends seem to like veSTATION in Sherman Oaks a lot. My sister, though not vegan, loves vegetarian and vegan restaurants. She eats here weekly.

14435 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


Spitz in the same area if the group doesn’t mind meat also being served

Thanks for all the responses–some look very viable. I should have mentioned that only one person is vegan but I think we can figure out a place to go where we’re all happy and satisfied.

Will try to report back afterwards. Thanks again!

Hayat’s Kitchen, Lotus & Light, Vinh Loi Tofu

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The answer is always Thai food

Fish sauce in almost everything. Or oyster sauce, or dried shrimp, or shrimp paste. It just doesn’t taste the same when you ask them to remove it or substitute soy sauce.


Hugo’s has been terrible for 20 years. Leonor’s Mexican is solid. I second Nemroz on Thai. I know Krua Thai can make anything on their menu vegetarian (vegan may take more conversation)

Agreed. Nice place, very nice people!

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Finally reporting back. Long story short, we ended up at Marmalade in Sherman Oaks. That should have been perfect, enough vegan choices, but as it turned out, my vegan friend wasn’t really hungry and for what she ordered (I can’t specify) we could have gone anywhere that wasn’t, well, ethnic. Generic American comfort food. BUT I had a really good roasted vegetable salad so I was happy.

Thanks again for all the recs and will keep them in mind for the next time, as I know there will be.

Happy Holidays to all!