Vegetarian Goose/Chicken

So many Shanghai and Chiu Chow restaurants serve what is often called vegetarian goose,or vegetarian chicken. However the manner of presentation and the specific ingredients are all over the place. A friend of mine is looking for the version where the outer layer of bean curd skin is a little crispy, and the center is filled with chopped mushrooms. Since I hate mushrooms and have expunged the memory of that variation except for Kirin Restaurant in Richmond BC, does anybody know who might do that variation locally?

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I don’t believe Shanghai Vegetarian Goose (or 脆皮素鵝) is extant in any of the Shanghai places in SoCal.

The only time I’ve seen Shanghai Vegetarian Goose is up in SF.

I think the closest you can come in SoCal is probably at one of those vegetarian Chinese places.

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Which SF restaurant in particular serves this dish?

Does the mock duck at Peking Duck in Palo Alto count?

Shanghai House in the Outer Richmond.

And I think a few places in Palo Alto and in the SV that I can’t recall the names right now.

Sounds like it would. Thanks!

I’ll keep Shanghai House in mind. Thanks.

It’s of no use now, but Mei Long Village used to have “Neutralized Goose” on their menu.

But it was only so-so.

Eh?!? Is this thing on?!?