Vegetarian Rundown

Post your favorite vegetarian/vegan restaurant or even a favorite veggie dish at a non-vedge spot.


Fried Oysters at Happy Family Vegetarian Chinese

I love these oyster mushrooms - tossed in corn starch, flash fried and garnished w/sea salt, thai basil & chilis.

Happy Family
8632 Valley Blvd
Rosemead, CA
(626) 288-5786

There are two locals, but this is the One!

Edit: Permanently Closed


A must order every time.

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They ran out one time. So now we call ahead. They do a delicious faux ham sandwich on a bun too!

Tacos Quetzalcoatl

Omega 2, veggie taco. Mad Max is one of the city’s best taqueros.
The Omega 2 Taco is on a handmade tortilla with spinach, squash, red bell peppers, with fried cheese. Add just a little salsa.

Sorry Guerilla and BS, King Mad Max got you beat on veggie tacos!!!

No food pornz but:

Blue Corn Quesdilla Cart in Echo Park, the corn fungus and squash blossoms

Pine and Crane. Say what you want. But the owner and her family is IMO, LA Chinese Food Royalty. Whats a Chinese meal without greens? The sweet potato leaves, A-vegetables, celtuce, bok choy, etc. Thank You Ku Family. Everyone gets the noodles here but honestly give me a plate of greens and Hakka stir fry…that is as Taiwanese as it gets. Also basil eggplant and three cup mushrooms, I can vouch for the eggplant.

My paternal side is Shanghainese…

Just about every Shanghainese, Shanghainese via Taiwan, and Chinese Vegetarian eats/orders this dish…

Bean curd skin, soy beans, and mustard greens. This blog has a few pics:


Commissary, Koreatown - Carrots w/Green Sauce, Parmesan & Micro-greens

I don’t know what the “green sauce” is, but it’s delicious.


I love Happy Family!!!

I been eating there since I was a kid. I love all the straight up veggie dishes. The imitation dishes…I actually like the General Tso’s lol. Never had real General Tso’s.

Love seeing the monks dining here too


I love this thread, @TheCookie!

I thought you might :kissing_heart:

I can’t find Mad Max @JeetKuneBao. Looks delish. Is it a truck?

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Sweet. I haven’t seen the monks, but my sister has. She loves that too.

It’s actually “Mad Pambazos” – and it is a roach coach, ahem, I mean food truck.

A very simple dish I make is:

-mire poix, garlic, olive oil, a little s&p
-when onions are clear add some canned san marzanos and a little h20
-low and slow
-add some beans, kale, and herbs
Serve with some bread or over rice.


Tacos Quetzalcoatl is located near the corner of E Olympic Blvd. and S Kern Ave. on weekends, approximately 4728 E Olympic Blvd. in East Los Angeles. On weekdays they are located near the corner of S Central Ave. and E 8th St. in Downtown. They are open from 6 a.m. until 4 p.m. Phone: (323) 392-4444. Cash only.


Is pizza a vegetable?


Posting a Mozza pizza?? Whew boy you sure are brave, get ready to be torn to shreds by the acolytes of the World Pizza Authority!

Anyone been to Mad Pambazos? I guess I forgot to post about my experience there. Decent, if small. Interesting salsa selection.

I guess r has to be a different thread since mine had goat on it though.

I thought Mad Max was the taquero at Quetzalcoatl though?

Thanks ipsedixit!

Great. Thanks!


Always looking for twists on bruschetta or crostini toppings. Bookmarking!