Vending Machine Treasures

You’re standing in front of a vending machine with $5 to spend. What are you getting?

Here’s my order, garçon:

Gardetto’s Original Recipe

Peanut M&Ms

Swedish Fish


As many as I can get for $5.


I ate waaay too many of these out of the vending machine in my college dorm. I always saved those pumpernickel pieces of love for last.

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My usual order when I don’t have time to grab lunch and didn’t pack anything:

With a bottle of Aquafina water from the other vending machine.

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cheetos puffs.

I’m jonesin’ for some Duracell or Energizer triple-A’s. Nah… Come to think of it, I’m actually feelin’ like going ethnic - Make that Panasonic C-cells. And make them a bit on the alkaline side, onegashimasu.

When I was at night school. It was the the coffee that burned the shit out of your mouth . loved to watch the cup drop and fill . And you got to see your face card on the bottom of the cup . Pack of plain M& M’s , good to go .

Those Knott’s cookies are legit. I forgot about those. I like how they tout “No Trans Fat.” Similar to Swedish Fish boasting “A Fat Free Food.” This thread is dangerous. I regret everything.


So you’re the one keeping those Best Buy Express vending machines at airports in business.

Love this. First time I saw the vending machine coffee was in France. Spent a lot of coins on vending machine espresso and a pack of Kinder Buenos.

You’re a stronger man than I. First thing I’d do after ripping open the bag was rummage through the riffraff for those brown crunch delights.

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I’ve always been that way. Start with my least favorite things and savor the best at the end. I was the kid who ate the cake before the frosting.

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I’m the adult who still does.


I hate frosting.

I scrape it off and make a moat with it on the plate, to protect the best part. The cake.



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I ate those first and then threw away the rest.

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To President_Mochi and OCSteve:
Look what I found at a Hudson shop at an airport this morning:

I bought a bag and can confirm that these are the same prized pieces that come in the mix, or at least very similar in flavor. I checked the General Mills site and they appear to be discontinued, but you can get them at your local Walmart, for now at least (or at Amazon, but shipping is pricy):

I never liked the rest of the mix anyway.


That’s awesome. I just checked, and Amazon has them, too. This could be a problem. Thanks!

Back in the day…Andy Capp’s Hot Fries

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51 PM

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