Venison - do you have a fave recipe?

My next door neighbor, a young man who grills a lot but maybe not much more, ‘got’ a deer yesterday. I saw on FB that he grilled a steak last night. Does anyone have a special technique or marinade or ??? that I could share with him. TIA

I’d do something like this.


Seriously? Even if he’s already frozen some. 'Course that might be better in case it has parasites. Hmm, was that your point? :slight_smile:

robert, that what I was thinking of. And not beyond his ‘pay grade.’ Thanks.

Nice post Cat. It’s deer season up here . I am sure I will be getting some nice cuts from freinds who are hunters.

Off-topic but I had a friend in Oregon who was a manager for a Caterpillar dealer. He said the hardest part of his job was making sure that everyone got a fair chance at getting off to hunt at this time of year.

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