Viet Huong (El Monte)

I took a quick peek around here and a cursory search and it appears there’s been no mention of Viet Huong in El Monte.

So for those who have not been, or have not yet had this place on their foodar yet, let it be known that this place makes a seriously legit chả giò,

It’s stuffed with a perfect blend of ground pork and (get this!) fried slivers of rice paper – making the stuffing both savory and crunchy. The rolls themselves are fried to perfect blistery texture as well, and the nuoc cham that comes with it is redolent of umeboshi nectar.

Wash it all down with some very good nước rau má and life can be very good in El Monte.

Good good stuff.

By the way, here’s some history of Viet Huong from KCRW:

Viet Huong
10727 Garvey Ave
El Monte


Hi @ipsedixit,

Ooh! Nice find. :slight_smile:

How does it compare to our old board’s recommended Vien Dong (Little Saigon)? We loved their Cha Gio / Vietnamese Egg Rolls there. So good!

I think it was… @Porthos @Ns1 or was it @A5KOBE that recommended that place years ago? (So sad it’s gone now. :frowning:

Dunno. I don’t think I’ve ever had the chả giò at Vien Dong.

I do remember, however, the cha cá thanh long at Vien Dong. Now, that was simply divine.

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Vien Dong was the go to for bun cha and banh tom, among other items.

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Thanks @ipsedixit. Yah we loved the cha ca thanh long! :slight_smile: It might’ve been Das Ubergeek now that I think about it, or maybe @Porthos then. But someone mentioned their cha gio once and we tried it and we had been ordering it ever since (really nice crispiness, fresh, not oily, great flavors).

I just search Vien Dong (Little Saigon) on the internet. I found out that Vien Dong is now closed. Am I doing the search correctly?

Hi @fallingleaves,

Yes, Vien Dong closed years ago. Really sad.

I thought their bun bo hue was quite good too. Used to be a favorite until Nha Trang opened up closer to me.

I make my own after eating SO many in Vietnam. I’ll have to try the slivers. Thanks.1

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was at viet huong this summer. their cha gio are pretty good,
viet huong cha gio 0904171416

a bit more ethereal compared to the more densely packed variant at golden deli/vietnam house, which can also be a bit greasier.

Golden deli 0808172132vietnam house 0920171255