Violet Bistro - Westwood Village

I was browsing through Resy a few days back and found this place -

I live very close to Westwood Village and had no idea a new(ish) restaurant had opened up.

I’m very happy it did & hope it sticks around. There are so few good options in the Village.

Apologies on the pics - I usually start snarfing and then remember to take a pic.

Cocktail - Monsieur Pimm - refreshing and delicious!

Caesar salad - excellent salad with a bit more zip (lemon?) that a regular caesar.

The outdoor space - cozy right?

Burger - delicious

Halibut - slightly overcooked but when eaten together with the corn and tomatoes, excellent.

Pavlova - light and creamy with some crunch. Very good.


Where in the village is it? Kinda looks like the space that was part of the brewery?

It’s between Tender Greens and Profeta. Apparently the building just sat empty for several years.

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It’s in the old Sak’s Teriyaki spot. Violet added a second floor and added a patio area.

My husband used to love Sak’s when he was there. Thanks for the report!

Been there. It’s ok. I feel bad for them, opening just before the pandemic. They had cooking classes.

Went last night and it was REALLY great.
Pumpkin Bisque with toasted pepitas, rosemary and a maple/beurre drizzle was like fall in a bowl. Mizou’s Simple salad was perfect
Loved the Striped Bass and Rotisserie Chicken with sumac aleppo rub.

But the best was the side of Frites - OMG!
Thet are cut so uniquely -and have both crunch and meaty bites on every frite.
Pic lifted from the web:

Great service, cozy - but distanced - tables and a lovely environment with a FULL BAR.
Damn - in Westwood of all places.
@paranoidgarliclover - seems right in your wheelhouse - I’ll buy your meal if you don’t love it. NOT!!!


WTF are those frites??? Is that… caviar on top??? Any place w/ good frites is gonna be a hit w/ me.

Does sound delish. Will let you know when I make it out. :smiley:

No caviar.
Just some herbs.

Still probably right up my alley, anyway. :slight_smile:

What a find! Went last night and it was REALLY REALLY great!

The Rotisserie chicken was as good as I can remember anywhere. The frites are other-worldly. The owner, Dana, was charming and brought us an order on the house after I mentioned CiaoBob’s review. Striped bass was also delicious. The patio is charming and transports you from LA. They have a nice full bar and pour a very nice drink. In Westwood Village of all places. The tables are well spaced, service is great. Could not be better! This and Mirame in the same month!


So glad you enjoyed it.
I can’t wait to go back.

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Thanks again for the tip. As an aside, we had an extra order of frites (on the house) that I took home and refrigerated. Unlike most fries that dont travel well, these were surprisingly good cold the next day.