Visiting for a weekend- best Izakaya in NY?

My wife and I are visiting for a weekend and would like to make a reservation or two

at a really good Izakaya. Can you please recommend me some top spots? Maybe one higher-end and

one lower-end spot? Big sake selection is a plus.

I appreciate the help!

Blue Ribbon is the only one I know of that takes reservations.

I like Decibel for low end. And Village Yokocho.

Aburiya Kinnosuke or En Japanese Brasserie for something higher end. Both take reservations.

Sankaku is a new sake bar from the owners of Sushi Azabu. Excellent and very reasonably priced drinking snacks and food.

Hall is a new project from the former chef of Kajitsu. There’s a hidden, res-only kaiseki-style restaurant in the back but the menu at Hall is very well executed: it’s a very tastefull fusion of American and Japanese bar food.

Sakagura has probably one of the best sake lists in the city. Two locations: east village and midtown. I like the food menu in midtown better. They also own Decibel in the east village, a more bar-bones sake bar in a basement. Great atmosphere!

Hope that helps!


If you want sake and izakaya, don’t miss Decibel–even if it is just to stop by for one drink.