Waffle makers?

Any recommendations for a good waffle maker?

Came across this, looks interesting.

Hmmmm. I have a classic round Cusinart waffle maker that I like. Once I’ve used it and it’s clean and cooled - I just store it on it’s side, thus taking up less storage room.

Checked amazon and the reviews are good but all agree - it’s just for waffles (not, say, making waffled hash browns with cheese) and, you can’t add anything too chunky to the batter or it will clog up. No “Will it waffle?” fun.

So I guess it depends, if you like your waffles plain or, with stuff.

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On the subject of waffles, you might find this interesting.

It does look like a space saver for the counter, but I think @Happybaker makes good arguments against buying it.

i don’t think I’ll be adding much or anything to the batter.

I’ve had a Cuisinart flat 4-square waffle maker for years. It was a gift. I wish it had been the one with removable plates for ease of cleaning as trying to maneuver the thing under the sink after each use is a pain. Which is probably why I rarely use it. However, it does work well. Waffles turn out cooked and crispy. It’s fairly flat and stores in my cabinet well…I usually stack some items on top of it like my bread basket filled with my Jell-O egg molds.

I recently purchased a Breville Smart Waffle Pro 4 slice maker at Bed Bath Beyond with a 20% off coupon ($199 before discount). Not cheap, but the plates are pfoa-free.

Sourdough waffles using a Nancy Silverton recipe found online came out really good. The only drawback so far is the cooking plates are not removable – the only way to clean is by wiping down.

I tried making sourdough waffles on a Rome Industries cast iron waffle iron numerous times, but was getting inconsistent results so I decided to splurge on a Breville. Maybe I’ll try using it to grill sandwiches or hash browns instead.


We’ve had one of these for several years since we used one at a hotel continental breakfast setup. It’s heavy and takes up more room than an Instapot, but the waffles are great. You make two large ones at the same time.